Songtext - What they want

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Songtext - What they want

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SONGTEXT - What they want

Strophe 1:

I enter my mind and try to delve. Into the Thoughts I felt.I knew
so well. Seem to get Lost. Patterns corrupt. Tainted, and now
I don't know where I stand.


I Feel Misunderstood. I can't get the message right. Maybe I
should trust.But will it rectify. The troubles that I have are
interfering with my life. Now I'm bout to cross. The invisble Line
Who's right? I'll fight. People(I ain't gonna say what they want.
What they want) PeopleaLways say what they want.Never ending
up with what they need. Not like me.People aLways say what they
want. I never get a chance to speak. They think I'm weak. People aLways say what they want. Always find a way to hate.Big Mistake.
(I ain't gonna say what they want.What they want.I ain't gonna say what they want. What they want)

Strophe 2:

I'm willing to fall, as long I know. That it's due to my own
decisions. Don't have a say. Locked and away. Yes, it is me
whose fronting the picture.


Strohe 3:

Picking myself up off the ground. You think I'm Lost.
But now I'm found. I can still accept your help. I'm
stronger now. Then I've ever felt.

Chorus (2x):


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